Profile Your SAP NetWeaver PI Message Mapping to Find the Culprit Causing Delays

  • by Aaron Long (Huaqiao Long) , Support Consultant, Technology CoE NetWeaver Foundation XPI, SAP Active Global Support
  • January 10, 2011
Discover a way to extract the Java source code of an SAP NetWeaver Process Integration PI (SAP NetWeaver PI) message mapping designed with the Java graphic mapping tool in the Integration Repository (XI 3.0 and PI 7.0) or Enterprise Service Builder (PI 7.1x and onwards). By using the extracted code, you can quickly determine what’s delaying your mapping and efficiently design a workaround.
Key Concept
Message mapping is the mapping of source and target messages supported by the graphic mapping editor. The mapping tool generates Java source code from the graphical mapping description, which is then compiled and packed in a JAR file.  The Integration Engine executes this Java program at runtime.

In a process integration scenario, the business data could be processed in different systems with different data structures. To map the different data structure of the source system to that of the target system, message mapping is commonly used in the integration scenarios within SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI). For example, you could use message mapping to map an invoice with an IDoc format from SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) to the legacy system with a flat file format. The structures of the IDoc and the flat files are different.

During the design phase, there may not be any problem with message mapping. However, the SAP NetWeaver PI mapping program could have a very long execution time and the message could become stuck in the mapping step. For critical interface scenarios, the relevant core business process may also be delayed because of this. For example, a purchase order invoice needs to be sent to the legacy system; otherwise the order cannot be completed. Due to the poor performance of the message mapping, the purchase order processing is delayed.

By extracting the Java source code of the message mapping, you can profile this mapping program and identify the culprit inside the message mapping easily and precisely to figure out a solution with your developer. I will show you the detailed steps for this process using NetBeans, although this process applies to other tools that can profile Java code, such as Eclipse with plug-in. The target audience of this article includes SAP NetWeaver developers, administrators, and consultants.

Aaron Long (Huaqiao Long)

Aaron Long is a senior SAP consultant specialist in SAP NetWeaver PI at SAP Active Global Support (SAP AGS). He is responsible for helping customers implement and operate their SAP solutions at their maximum potential and to manage their technical risks during solution implementation and operation. He has been working in SAP AGS for about 10 years. 

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