Save Time on License and Maintenance Certificate Management with SAP Solution Manager

  • by Rohan Parikh, SAP Solution Manager Lead, Centrica Plc
  • December 6, 2010
Learn how to use SAP Solution Manager to centrally distribute your license and maintenance certificates to all relevant managed systems. Automatic distribution eradicates the need to manually request the licenses from the SAP Service Marketplace and install them manually in each system.
Key Concept
SAP has licenses that need to be installed in the system to verify customer entitlement to its software. However, some users were still able to gain unauthorized access to SAP software and even sell pirated versions by overriding the license validation. To combat this and prevent commercial misuse, SAP introduced maintenance certificates in January 2009. This certificate ensures that only customers with a valid maintenance contract can apply Support Packages. The maintenance certificate enables SAP software logistics tools such as Support Package Manager (SPAM) and Add-On Installation Tool (SAINT) to identify the exact scope of the corresponding SAP maintenance agreement. Companies can implement a Support Package only if a valid maintenance certificate is available in the system.
As of January 2009, SAP introduced maintenance certificates (as an addition to SAP licenses) that are typically valid for only three months. This created an additional manual effort to keep all systems updated and valid. Without the certificate, the SAP software logistics tools Support Package Manager (SPAM) and Add-On Installation Tool (SAINT), which implement Support Packages, display a warning and restrict access to this functionality. This led to a lot of manual maintenance work for administrators. However, SAP Solution Manager can automatically fetch the required certificates periodically and distribute them to your managed systems. Read on and discover what’s required to get this up and running in SAP Solution Manager.

Rohan Parikh

Rohan Parikh is the SAP Solution Manager lead in the SAP Competency Center for the UK’s largest integrated energy company, Centrica Plc. He holds a BSc(Hons) in computer science from King’s College — University of London, and is SAP certified in SAP Solution Manager operations. He has experience across the entire SAP Solution Manager domain but focuses on the landscape and operations management area of SAP Solution Manager. He has practical experience in implementing, configuring, and detailing a tailored SAP Solution Manager roadmap to deliver project-specific, business-related, and operational value from using SAP Solution Manager to its potential. He is enthusiastic about promoting the use of SAP Solution Manager to all end users.

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