Simplify Execution of Transaction Codes by Mapping Them to Common Phrases

  • by Muhammad Ramzan, SAP Certified ABAP and NW Portal Development Consultant, Ejada Systems, Saudi Arabia
  • June 20, 2013
This article shows how to create an ABAP program that allows you to execute transaction codes without having to memorize them or use reference materials. You can map a transaction code to a word or phrase. It also ensures that it does not bypass any authorization checks or rules applied to the mapped standard transaction code. All authorizations to actual transaction codes remain intact.
Key Concept

Mapping standard transaction codes to custom ones consisting of a word or phrase allows you to create simplified names for unintuitive transaction codes. For example, you could map transaction code ME22N to Edit PO.

Working with many transaction codes is a common practice for SAP users, whether they are technical, functional, or an end user. Many times during job completion, there comes a point at which the user needs to consult a search engine or other resource to find an uncommon transaction code. The alphanumeric transaction codes (e.g., SE51 or ME22N) can be difficult to remember, and the user may struggle to accomplish a given task if he or she doesn’t know the right code. I’ll show you how to develop a solution that allows your users to enter text for what they want to do (e.g., EDIT PO) instead of having to remember the transaction code (e.g., ME22N).

The standard format of a custom transaction code through SE93 is that it must start with Z or Y and cannot contain any spaces. However, using this method you can define a mapping of any transaction code to a custom transaction code and don’t need to use the Z or Y preface.

Muhammad Ramzan

Muhammad Ramzan is an experienced SAP Certified Consultant in ABAP and Portal development. He has more than five years of development experience in SAP. His current affiliation is with EJADA Systems at the Saudi ARAMCO Project in Saudi Arabia. Previously, he was a senior SAP Development Associate in DESCON Engineering Limited in Pakistan, which is a leader in the Engineering & Construction, Chemical, and Power industries. His career experiences in the software development industry as well has made him capable of integrating SAP and non-SAP solutions successfully.

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