Social Tools for the Business Part 2: How Your Company’s Image, Marketing Strategy, and Sentiment Analysis Efforts Can Benefit from Social Media Tools

  • by Laura Casasanto, Former Managing Editor
  • May 26, 2011
Social media is becoming an invaluable tool for businesses to spread information, interact with customers, and collect public sentiment. If your company wants to create or improve its social media presence, read on to learn what tools to use and get tips for creating your initiative.

Social media tools have quickly made their way into the business world. Sites that began as ways to merely connect with friends, such as Facebook and Twitter, are now driving forces in marketing, sales, and public relations. Social media tools and services provide a low-cost, easy way to communicate a corporate message, promote products, improve public image through direct interaction with customers, and collect public sentiment about your company and products.

Companies that have already latched on to social media as a marketing and customer service tool are reaping the benefits. Well-known companies such as Dell, Comcast, and SAP itself have created strong online presences through social media sources including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, forums, and blogs. “Most companies are very eager to develop a social media roadmap and find good ways to use these channels for improving sales, increasing brand awareness, and enhancing customer service,” says Mukunda Krishnaswamy, chief technology officer at Mimosasoft, a company that builds template applications such as SwiftConnect, a software solution that allows for rapid and automated publication of product information to multiple online channels and data pools through a single interface.

Not only are tools and services available to connect your company directly to your customer, but many are also available to collect public opinions of your company from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and forums. Such tools can then analyze the sentiment contained in the data to create reports detailing what your customers are saying about you and what they think of your products.

These social media tools are becoming so prevalent in businesses today that the strategic value of creating a social media initiative has greatly increased. As Krishnaswamy notes, “On the competitive side, not doing anything is not an option.”

Laura Casasanto

Laura Casasanto is a technical editor who served as the managing editor of SCM Expert and Project Expert.

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