Speed Up Development with the SPI Framework

  • by Akash Kumar, Technical Consultant, SAP Labs
  • May 22, 2014
Akash Kumar describes the Service Provider Infrastructure Framework (SPI),which is an application and user interface (UI) technology layer that is developed in integration with Floorplan Manager (FPM). It helps developers to build timeless software and to code without thinking too much about the back-end code.
Learning Objectives

By reading this article you will learn how to:

  • Develop applications using Service Provider Infrastructure Framework (SPI)
Key Concept

Service Provider Infrastructure Framework (SPI) is a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture framework used primarily for the development of Web applications. The difference between Floor Plan Manager (FPM) and SPI is the interface that is implemented and the methods of the interface. The application can run on enhancement packages 6 and 7.

Service Provider Infrastructure Framework (SPI) is used in different application areas within SAP Business Suite to give users a homogenous user experience. It can be used with any user interface (UI) technology to develop an application. SPI consists of the following primary components:
  • Metadata provider class provides the complete information about the nodes, such as actions, queries, cardinality, and dependencies. It gives you the complete node model.
  • Service provider class provides access to the application back end, which includes handling requests for creating, deleting, or changing data.
  • Collector class is used to provide the information beyond the data flow. The information is provided by the service provider to the collector interface. It includes information such as messages, field properties, operation properties, invalid nodes, and key replacements.
  • Connector class handles the data flow and also in Internet scenarios enables the demilitarized zone (DMZ) capability.
  • Application building block is used to link the metadata provider class and service provider class.

Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar is an SAP technical consultant specializing in ABAP and HANA. He has 5+ years of experience in design and development of products with corporate organizations such as TCS, RBS, and SAP Labs. He is an active speaker and has organized multiple BarCamps in Delhi, India. He holds a bachelor of technology degree in computer science. He holds a certification in SAP HANA.


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