Speed Up SAP Projects with Roadmap Accelerators

  • by Doug TenBrock, Jr., Consultant, Enowa Consulting
  • August 13, 2009
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Many SAP projects lack common project standards when they are started, and trying to create them once a project is in progress requires significantly more time and resources. Even companies with a project methodology in place must spend a great deal of time gathering documentation. To alleviate this, SAP Solution Manager provides Roadmap accelerators to help with documentation templates, Web links, project phase checklists, and best practices documentation and guidelines.
Key Concept

Accelerators are a significant part of Roadmaps, but project teams often underuse them. Accelerators are a group of descriptive texts, how-to documents, and templates for subjects related to the implementation of an SAP system. Some are short informational texts on a particular subject; others are longer texts such as white papers or guidebooks. They also include a variety of predefined or empty templates that the project team can use as a starting point for creating a specific project document, such as configuration or development documents.

With proven methodologies in place, your project team can better understand the definitions and requirements for an SAP project. SAP Solution Manager provides Roadmaps and Roadmap accelerators to deliver practical documentation and tools that align with nearly every company’s needs during a project implementation. SAP practices ASAP methodology in Roadmaps and accelerators to ensure project success. SAP also provides Run SAP, which was designed to manage IT solution operations with SAP Solution Manager.

Roadmap accelerators are updated when a new version of the Roadmap is delivered by SAP; in SAP Solution Manager, the Roadmaps are updated when new Support Packages are applied. You can find additional information on Support Packages and updated Roadmaps at the SAP Service Marketplace (http://service.sap.com/roadmaps), which allows you to view Roadmaps and accelerators in an HTML format before they are actually used in SAP Solution Manager (Figure 1). You can download these HTML Roadmaps to individual machines or to a shared network drive. Note that the Roadmap with accelerators in the HTML format does not integrate with any SAP tools for SAP Solution Manager. The HTML version is for viewing purposes only.

Figure 1
The HTML Run SAP Roadmap

Doug TenBrock, Jr.

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