Steps to Defining the Right Mobile Strategy and Organization

  • by Josh Baillon, Principal, NIMBL LLC
  • November 11, 2013
The world is changing rapidly with the onset of mobility and many companies want to take the jump into using what has the potential to be a very valuable technology. However, before acting, it is important to have all the resources needed, a complete strategy, and the ability to make informed decisions. This is a complex process that has to be different for each company in order to fit its particular needs. The importance of having the right information to make the right decisions for a company’s mobile strategy is paramount.
Key Concept

A company’s mobile strategy is the plan it has made, based on its research, for how best to use mobile technology in a way that benefits the company now and continues to be beneficial as time goes on. In the fast-paced world of mobility, everything changes quickly and being able to make course corrections in your mobile strategy is a key ability for success. 

Mobility, mobile computing, mobile devices, and mobile apps are all buzz words in today’s world.   Things have changed dramatically and rapidly since the first iPhone was released in June of 2007.  Just think of how much our society as a whole has changed in the six short years that followed. The entire paradigm of computing has been turned on its head. Innovation and speed are no longer controlled by a limited set of large, well-funded enterprises. Today it’s about the speed of information and disruptive business models, and it’s the nimble and ambitious that will dictate the agenda of tomorrow.

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With technology changing at an increasingly rapid pace, figuring out which way to head next can be an intimidating task. This is why it’s extremely important to take time to properly define a strategy – and the organization to deliver it – before you make the jump. Getting this right is a key to success.

Take your time to define the strategy that best fits your organization. Too often companies fall into the trap of “me too” and end up running with a variety of mobile initiatives without any coherent strategy in place. The result is typically a patchwork of solutions that don’t meet the needs or expectations of your users. Users form an impression within the first few seconds of using an app. If this impression goes poorly, your rate of adoption will fall flat and, in turn, erase your credibility.

Josh Baillon

Josh brings more than 17 years of deep experience implementing SAP for large global organizations.  He is recognized as a leader within the mobile, interfacing/PI, and application development spaces, building innovative solutions and influencing SAP’s roadmap.  He has a degree in chemical engineering from Northwestern University.

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