Take Your Mobile SAP Systems Further with Sybase Unwired Platform

  • by Alexander Ilg, Founder, msc mobile
  • October 11, 2010
Discover Sybase Unwired Platform, a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP), and how you can use it to mobilize your systems. SAP provides this platform with the co-innovation architecture of SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1. This is the first time that SAP has supported the mobilization of all major mobile device types with a single technology.
Key Concept
Sybase Unwired Platform is not just one product. It is a collection of applications that allows you to mobilize data from enterprise systems. The platform includes the replication-based data synchronization of SQL Anywhere, the messaging-driven synchronization of Mobile Office, and the device management functionality of Afaria. On top of that it comes with a set of tools that allows you to easily create mobile solutions.

Mobile solutions are becoming increasingly important in the enterprise world. Companies use them for inspections, in the warehouse, to track timesheets/travel expenses, and to access workflows and reports while on the go. Companies that do not use mobile software have a competitive disadvantage. Because of this, mobile has become one of the main priorities of SAP. With the Sybase Unwired Platform, it now has a state-of-the-art mobile framework.

The SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 server is an ABAP stack that you can use to mobilize SAP back-end processes such as CRM Sales or asset inspection. It was originally created to work with SAP NetWeaver Mobile client and you can still use it in this way.

However, using SAP NetWeaver Mobile standalone has several disadvantages:

  • Only support for Windows Laptop and Windows PDA — no support for BlackBerry, iPhone, and other devices
  • No native clients — the applications are Java based and therefore limited in regards to usability and performance
  • No support for data push to the mobile device

All these issues disappear when you incorporate Sybase Unwired Platform. You can support all major device types and create native solutions with full support for data push.

It is simple for developers who already have SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 knowledge to learn how to implement mobile solutions with Sybase Unwired Platform, as the learning curve for Sybase Unwired Platform is low. However, if you choose the co-innovation architecture of SAP NetWeaver Mobile and Sybase Unwired Platform to mobilize your SAP business process, you still need to execute many manual steps. These include code generation, manual generation of the sup-db.xml, entity set definition for mobile applications (ESDMA) adaption, and message component configuration and installation.

I’ll walk you through each part of the process. First, I’ll introduce you to the different connection types, synchronization mechanisms, and supported database with Sybase Unwired Platform. Then I discuss the Sybase Unwired Platform architecture before describing the steps to set up Sybase Unwired Platform. Refer to the “Considerations When Planning a Mobile Project” sidebar for some ideas of the questions you should ask your team before embarking on a Sybase Unwired Platform project.

Alexander Ilg

Alexander Ilg first came into contact with mobile software in 1997 when he implemented a mobile software solution for DaimlerChrysler. He has worked with SAP’s mobile software since 2002 and has been involved in numerous mobile projects, bringing more than 100,000 mobile users live. Alexander was part of the team that implemented the SAP NetWeaver Mobile Time and Travel and Mobile Asset Management solutions. In 2006, he founded msc mobile ltd., which focuses on implementing easy-to-use mobile solutions.

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