The New EJB 3.0 Specification — Why It’s Time to Reevaluate Enterprise JavaBeans

  • by Lou Sacco, Senior Software Engineer
  • November 15, 2005
The new EJB 3.0 (JSR-220) specification has enhancements that help address the inadequacies of the previous release, and it might even change your mind about using EJBs. This article helps you get the emerging EJB standard into perspective so you can evaluate it for your own environment. See how EJBs have morphed into elegant Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs). Find out what happened to JNDI lookups. Learn how Java 5 annotations reduce the deployment descriptor nightmare. See how container-managed persistence puts you on the fast track to beat the “object-relational impedance mismatch” dilemma. Take a look at the evolved EJB query language. For each key aspect of the new spec, you get a balanced, objective discussion of its technical merits and how it overcomes the shortcomings of the previous release.

Lou Sacco

Lou Sacco has 12 years of industry experience in designing and developing business applications for a leading technology company in San Diego, CA. He specializes in various forms of persistence technologies, open source frameworks (Hibernate, Spring, Velocity, etc.), SOA, and enterprise application integration and aggregation. Lou is an IBM Certified Enterprise Developer – WebSphere 5.0, and he holds an MS degree in Computer & Information Science from the University of Michigan. You can visit Lou’s blog at

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