Time Recording in the Service Desk: Capturing Support Efforts in Incident Management

  • by Nathan Williams, Global SAP Solution Manager Practice Lead, Monocle Systems
  • August 23, 2010
Implement SAP Solution Manager’s Time Recording feature to capture, track, and report on the effort your support teams invest in processing incidents. Learn the fundamental configuration activities to integrate Time Recording into both new and live Service Desk solutions.
Key Concept
With Support Package 21 of SAP Solution Manager 7.0 came a new functionality for the Service Desk: Time Recording. Time Recording allows support teams to record the time that they allocate per incident directly from within the Service Desk message. Activities that are related to processing incidents are specifically defined based on your organization’s requirements for tracking efforts. Time Recording is valuable because it requires minimal effort to configure, offers a logical means to capture support effort, and is available in both the Incident Management work center and directly from the Service Desk in the SAP GUI. In addition, you can configure Time Recording reminders to enable prompts so team members processing tickets are reminded to record their time.

As SAP continues to enhance SAP Solution Manager, the features and benefits of the SAP CRM-based toolsets (e.g., Service Desk and Change Request Management) continue to become more robust. With the continual evolution of these application support tools, a business case for adopting SAP Solution Manager as a core component for application support becomes stronger.

The new Time Recording feature for the Service Desk is just one example of how SAP increases the strength of a business case for implementing SAP Solution Manager. Time Recording gives support teams added functionality that is critical for tracking and reporting on SAP incidents. The availability of this feature allows you to use SAP Solution Manager as a single, central platform for SAP application support incidents. For SAP clients who are already live with Service Desk, Time Recording can seamlessly integrate into existing processes without interrupting operations.

The Time Recording features are flexible; you can use them within the Incident Management work center or within the standard Service Desk in the SAP GUI. Even if you already use the Service Desk, you can go back and log efforts against messages that have been created after performing the steps in this article. In addition, you can have message processors manually record their effort based on customer-defined activities or set up Time Recording reminders that prompt message processors to record their time.

Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams is the Global SAP Solution Manager Practice Lead at Monocle Systems. For over a decade, Nathan has supported organizations in their efforts to leverage SAP Solution Manager as an integral component to manage their SAP solutions across the entire application lifecycle. Coordinating with IT, business, and program management teams, he has effectively defined strategies to help SAP customers seamlessly transition to SAP Solution Manager processes and capabilities. He is the author of ITSM and ChaRM in SAP Solution Manager and a co-author for SAP Solution Manager – Practical Guide.  

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