Use Mind Mapping to Keep SAP ERP HCM Projects on Track

  • by Owen McGivney, Senior Consultant, iProCon Ltd.
  • November 1, 2013
Everyone who works with SAP ERP HCM faces the issue of getting up to speed with new projects quickly and completely. Learn how mind mapping helps you organize your SAP ERP HCM projects better. This simple method of drawing a structured diagram aids understanding and enables you to identify gaps, dependencies, and priorities.
Learning Objectives

Learn how to manage your SAP ERP HCM projects by using mind mapping to:

  •  Create a mind-mapping diagram
  •  Structure your ideas and thoughts
  •  Organize and plan your project
  •  Identify and define key relationships and dependencies
  •  Identify and keep track of priorities and outstanding tasks
Key Concept

Mind mapping is a technique for structuring all your thoughts and ideas about a project into one simple, intuitive, flexible diagram. The mind-mapping process furthers understanding and helps to identify and keep track of key relationships, dependencies, priorities, and outstanding tasks.

Mind mapping is a technique that helps you quickly collect all aspects of your current work item or project and fit them together into a logical structure. It can be applied on a day-to-day basis to a number of everyday tasks in SAP ERP HCM, such as blueprinting, managing workshops, and creating presentations and functional specifications. It can be also used to organize documents, links, and notes about the ever-evolving world of SAP ERP HCM.

The concept and terminology of mind mapping are generally attributed to Tony Buzan, an English psychologist with a particular interest in improving thinking, learning, and memorizing techniques. Recognized by educational experts as an invaluable tool for accelerating learning and understanding, the method is now taught in many schools, colleges, and universities.

Owen McGivney

Owen McGivney is a senior consultant at iProCon Ltd., part of the iProCon group, based in London, England. He has worked on implementing SAP HR and payroll systems since 1998. Owen has delivered UK, Irish, and multi-national payroll solutions for a wide range of private- and public-sector clients. He has a special interest in combining ABAP programming with configuration to create innovative and effective solutions.

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