Using Social Media in Your Daily Work — An Interview with Thomas Jenewein

  • by M.S. Hein, Managing Editor
  • November 18, 2011
Social media is changing the way SAP professionals work. Learn how using social media can help you do your job more efficiently and effectively.

With the explosion of social media — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, just to mention a few examples — the lines are increasingly blurred between what is social and what is business. Many companies are realizing the business potential of social media and using these tools to their benefit. Social media can expand the company’s branding and convey the message that the company wants to send to its customers. However, it also can work quite well internally, as illustrated by the synergy created by HR departments using social media to help them do their jobs better.

I recently interviewed Thomas Jenewein, who is in charge of business development and solution management at SAP Education. In his role, Thomas has seen firsthand how effective social and workplace networking can be. Because of his experience, he is an enthusiastic proponent of teaching learning and development professionals and HR employees how to use social media to more effectively do their jobs.

Thomas, first off, why do you think that social media is so important for today’s SAP users? 

With social media you can make communication, collaboration, and networking more effective — inside the enterprise, outside the enterprise with your clients, or in recruiting with your applicants and talent pool. Also, generation Y, which is entering the workforce over the next few years, uses social media as a normal tool, just as the current workforce uses email or fax. This new generation expects social media (like Facebook and Twitter) to be available at their desktops at work, and they are used to using social media for personal purposes as well for work-related purposes. Social media is a major new trend in SAP and, in the next few years, will become an increasingly important part of everyday life in the office as well.

What are the benefits to companies, and how does social media use benefit users in their careers?

M.S. Hein

M.S. Hein is managing editor of HR Expert and BI Expert. You may follow her on Twitter (@MS_Hein).

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