Web-Enable Your SAP Applications with the Power of JavaScript

  • by Holger Janz, Software Developer, SAP AG
  • Peter Januschke, Business Programming Languages Group, SAP AG
  • March 15, 2002
If your organization is like most, you're probably migrating at least some of your applications to the web. Release 6.10 of the SAP Web Application Server (Web AS) offers some enhancements that will make your life as an application developer much easier. The SAP Web AS supports direct Internet communication, enabling it to function as a web server on either your local network or the Internet. To take advantage of this new technology, you need tools for developing web applications that provide direct and easy access to all SAP components. This article outlines the solution - a combination of Business Server Pages (BSPs) and JavaScript.

Holger Janz

Holger Janz is a software developer at SAP AG in the Business Programming Languages Group. Prior to joining SAP in 1997, he studied computer science at the University of Rostock and Constance, where he focused on object-oriented programming languages. As a member of the development team at SAP, Holger’s responsibilities include parts of the ABAP Virtual Machine and the ABAP Compiler, and the integration of the JavaScript Virtual Machine into the SAP Web Application Server. His team is also responsible for the integration of Java into the SAP Web Application Server architecture.

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Peter Januschke

Peter Januschke studied mathematics at the Technische Universität Karlsruhe, Germany. At the Institute of Applied Mathematics, he researched computer arithmetic, verification numerics, and programming languages for Scientific Computation. In addition, he participated in three European research projects, focusing on compiler technology. After earning a doctorate, Peter joined the Business Programming Languages Group at SAP AG in 1998. Peter is responsible for the ABAP scanner and syntax check, the ABAP extended program check, arithmetic and conversion, and the BSP compiler.

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