What Run SAP Methodology Can Do to Improve the Success of Your SAP Projects

  • by Laura Casasanto, Former Managing Editor
  • February 8, 2011
With the recent rise in enterprise support fees, SAP systems need to be meticulously managed to achieve the lowest TCO possible and gain the most value from your investment. Learn how the Run SAP methodology can assist you in accomplishing that goal by guiding you through the solution operation components of your SAP implementations with leading practices and SAP standards.

SAP developed the Run SAP methodology to help companies improve their solution operation organizations and processes to decrease costs and improve service to end users. The methodology is a set of recommended steps, involving standards, templates, and tools, aimed at enabling centralized, standardized support of your SAP solution. The methodology is based on five phases that detail how to design and implement improved solution operations, providing leading practices and standards along the way. See the sidebar “Run SAP Methodology Phases” for descriptions of the five methodology phases.

SAP project teams can use the methodology’s documentation, containing best practices, white papers, procedures, and training, to guide implementations and achieve the desired results. SAP Solution Manager is the central tool recommended by the Run SAP methodology to optimize project results by enabling consolidated management of a company’s SAP environments. SAP regularly updates both the methodology and Solution Manager, and provides industry-specific versions of the methodology.

The Run SAP methodology leads you through critical support considerations that can be overlooked or dismissed as less business critical during an implementation. This ensures important factors such as change management and operations’ business processes are considered, thereby reducing future downtime that can be a costly drain on time and resources. 

Sarah Grotelueschen, a specialist leader at Deloitte, says that in addition to reduced costs, SAP’s goal is for Run SAP methodology to encourage customers to stay updated on the most current tools. “If you follow SAP’s recommended standards and implement the tools they’re recommending, SAP will be able to provide support more efficiently, which ultimately decreases downtime,” she says.

Laura Casasanto

Laura Casasanto is a technical editor who served as the managing editor of SCM Expert and Project Expert.

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