Your Easy-to-Understand Guide to the Major Areas of SAP Solution Manager

  • by Frank Endrikat, SAP and Solution Manager Principal Consultant, Managing Director, NE-PM
  • December 6, 2010
Learn about some of the strategic, functional, and technical benefits of SAP Solution Manager and how to realize them. Find out the basics of functionalities such as the Service Desk, Change Request Management, and system and business process monitoring, including many helpful links to relevant articles.
Key Concept
Understanding the key areas of SAP Solution Manager allows you to set up a fully documented system. In turn, this enables you to have complete management and governance over implementation projects, service operations, change management, and system and process monitoring.

SAP Solution Manager’s full potential only becomes obvious when you take a close look into its main functionality. I recommend that anyone who isn’t sure if they have fully taken advantage of SAP Solution Manager look at it like this: In a way, SAP Solution Manager is for IT, SAP operations, and SAP implementation projects what SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) is for the enterprise business — a comprehensive, well-structured set of processes, tools, and functionality aimed at delivering best practices and realizing benefits.

For this reason, the implementation of SAP Solution Manager is, like any SAP implementation, best planned and organized by reviewing your existing processes, procedures, guidelines, and practices. Then, you should compare these with SAP Solution Manager functionalities and processes and identify what matches and where the gaps are.

The tips I provide can improve your approach to SAP Solution Manager. These best practices outline an approach that enables you to understand and make full use of SAP Solution Manager.

Frank Endrikat

Frank Endrikat has been active in SAP systems since 1989, initially focused on programming in SAP R/2 but in 1997 moving into SAP R/3 and module consulting. With a very strong functional background in logistics and finance and deep technical knowledge and understanding, he has focused on project management for global and international SAP implementations since 2000. SAP Solution Manager has become the recent focus area for Frank and his team, and since 2006 he has delivered a number of SAP Solution Manager courses at SAP academies and for customers. He has managed and implemented about 40 SAP Solution Manager projects in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

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