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Today in SAP: SAP Advocates for More Enterprise Mobile Infrastructure

  • Posted 6/21/2012 by Scott Priest

How should companies address their inevitable pushes to be more mobile? It's a question everyone is facing, and SAP has some recommendations in its latest piece written for Fortune. Among the recommendations: Create a mobile center of excellence:

2) A Mobility Center of Excellence. This is where your company would centralize management and policy-making around the mobile initiatives at your company. It should be comprised of both IT staffers that are knowledgeable in the devices, developers who can write the apps your company wants to deploy, and line-of-business and process experts who can make sure that everything harmonizes with your organization’s strategy.

“By capturing experience, best practices, and reference architectures from mobility projects within the organization, the mobility COE can accelerate deployment within the corporation. In addition, the COE also minimizes overall effort, as each work group or business unit no longer has to reinvent and implement mobility policies on its own,” writes SAP mobile thought leader, Vishy Gopalakrishnan.

Granted, SAP's recommendation for most trends is to create a COE, or introduce a new C-level person solely assigned to the task (I've seen the same argument for risk management and sustainability in the past). 

Which is not to say they're wrong. They've also released a benchmarking report that reveals some significant operating margin and revenue gains by having your mobile agenda straightened out. That is, of course, what catches the attention of decision makers. You can provide all the best practices you want -- all the provocations to be a cutting-edge company you want -- but it of course comes down to money. (Which is why the risk management and sustainability initiatives haven't taken off in the same way that others have.) And if proper mobile structure and direction in a company leads to markedly better revenue and margins, it's sure to take storm.

For more mobile recommendations, see this Bluefin piece on building mobile apps vs. buying them.

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Scott Priest

Scott was the senior managing editor at SAPexperts, responsible for the content development and acquisition for topics including HANA, mobility, and Solution Manager. He graduated from Bates College with a BA degree in English. You may follow him on Twitter at @priestWIS.

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