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Financials/SAP Professional Journal – 
In this video Jens Koerner of SAP Labs discusses the role of the mobile platform and why there is a need for one, explains the difference between business-to-business applications and business-to-consumer applications, and shows you how to use the SAP Mobile Platform to mobilize your financial data.

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by Jens Koerner, Product Manager, Mobile Platform, SAP Labs | Patricia Pohl, Senior Consultant, Business & Decision April 5, 2010
SAP Professional Journal/Financials/BI – 
See how to automate data loads from SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver BW into SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for the Microsoft platform. Creating new Planning and Consolidation InfoObjects in SAP NetWeaver BW while keeping the original standard objects allows you to create an audit trail of all the transformations you performed.

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by Jens Koerner, Product Manager, Mobile Platform, SAP Labs September 11, 2009
Financials/BI/SAP Professional Journal – 

The purpose and the semantics of transaction level data in SAP ERP can differ significantly from what business users expect to see in SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation when they perform their forecasting and consolidation activities. Taking these differences into account when integrating data into SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation is often more complex than it seems at first glance. The key to successful data integration is to understand the semantic and technical aspects of it, as illustrated by several examples.

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by Jens Koerner, Product Manager, Mobile Platform, SAP Labs February 15, 2009
SAP Professional Journal – 
Since dealing with multiple currencies has become commonplace in a global economy, it’s no surprise that currency conversion is needed everywhere in global organizations that implement and run SAP software solutions. While currency conversion was mainly the purview of the ERP system in the past, ERP systems no longer carry that burden alone. Today’s managers want reports on aggregated data in various currencies. Uncover the hidden complexities of currency conversion in management reporting, and discover easy-to-understand examples that help you communicate these complexities to project stakeholders to ensure that your solution will meet all multi-currency reporting requirements.