Avoid the Top 3 Common Mistakes in Supply Chain Optimization

  • by Serge Ratmiroff, Senior Manager, Deloitte
  • August 15, 2007
Find out some best practices to follow when you want to incorporate new technology and software into your supply chain processes.
Key Concept
In any supply chain optimization project, you must address strategic factors to ensure your business benefits from sustainable improvement. These factors include the project vision, reward systems, and use of tools.
Joe, a talented and experienced supply chain manager, is called into a conference room. He is told that he will head an important supply chain transformation initiative — implementing a transportation management application. Joe knows from experience that enterprise-wide transformation initiatives are like a rollercoaster ride: at times you feel a rush of excitement and, at others, you feel faint. All in all, it should be a satisfying experience.

I’ll highlight the roadblocks that supply chain initiatives typically face so you can avoid a bad case of corporate fainting spells. Table 1 summarizes proposed solutions for each of these mistakes. These mistakes in supply chain optimization are driven by the need to show quick results at the lowest cost possible. Let’s look at each of these mistakes in detail.

Serge Ratmiroff

Serge Ratmiroff is an experienced project manager with 12 years of SAP implementation experience. He serves manufacturing and distribution clients with complex global implementations of SAP. He assists his clients with chronic business issues by combining procedural process changes and advanced technology to achieve sustainable supply chain improvement.

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