Borrow SD Functionality to Implement Export Checks for STOs in MM

  • by Rajen Iyer, Cofounder and CTO, Krypt, Inc.
  • May 1, 2004
Stock transfer orders (STOs) in standard R/3 can be problematic because R/3 does not provide necessary foreign trade and export checks for STOs. The author demonstrates a helpful workaround to this issue by utilizing SD’s export check functionality and applying it to the STO document through a user exit. He also explains how to extend the application for license assignment for these export shipments through deliveries and enable the export document printing.

Companies that have global operations increasingly use stock transport orders (STOs) to move goods across their network. For example, when you configure the plant abroad functionality, you define a plant that is physically located in different country than the company code. So, you must perform an export check when you create an STO to move goods between a plant located in the same location as company code assigned to it (or with a country key that is the same as that of the company code) and another plant that is designated as a plant aboard (or the plant is located in a different location than the company code). This involves shipping goods across international borders, but standard R/3 does not provide foreign trade and export checks for STOs (plant-to-plant transfer within the company code or across company codes).

By "borrowing" the key sales order export checks functionality available in the R/3 Sales and Distribution (SD) module, however, you can mimic these export checks in R/3 Materials Management (MM) for STO purposes. First, it is important to understand the key parameters that drive export checks for sales orders before you build the logic for the export checks.

Rajen Iyer

Rajen Iyer is the cofounder and CTO at Krypt, Inc. Rajen has written several in-depth, best practice articles, white papers, patents, and best-selling books on SAP Logistics and SAP Global Trade Services, including Effective SAP SD and Implementing SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services. He is also an invited speaker at industry conferences.

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