Configure User Statuses to Increase Compliance Control of Production Orders

  • by Janev K. Veettil, Specialist Master, Deloitte Consulting, LLP
  • February 14, 2013
Use SAP status management to bring greater flexibility to your SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) applications and control business transaction processing to meet the specific needs of your organization. Learn how to define user statuses and assign them to SAP objects.
Key Concept
SAP status management includes system statuses and user statuses. System statuses are the standard method in SAP transaction processing to indicate that the production order has been processed. User status is a custom method that you can configure to use in a production order execution control to meet a specific need.

SAP-provided system statuses appear in the transaction screen of a production order to indicate what has happened to the order at any given point. For example, a system status of CRTD, SETC, or REL indicates that the order has been created, a settlement rule has been created, or the order has been released, respectively. Because SAP system statuses cannot be modified, an option to meet custom requirements over and above system status control is to create user statuses. Table 1 defines the features of system status versus user status. Although user statuses can be used in a variety of SAP transactions, this article’s focus is on production order user statuses.

Table 1
A comparison of a system status with a user status

System statuses and user statuses influence business transactions of a production order. For example, when a production order is created, the system assigns the system status CRTD (i.e., created). If a user status for the order type has been configured appropriately, the system also sets the user status for the order. The system checks the user status configuration when a user attempts further transaction processing, such as releasing the order. The check might result in the system allowing the transaction, issuing a warning message, or prohibiting the transaction depending on the configuration setting. If the system prohibits the transaction, a new user status needs to be set before the production order can be released. Only a department or user to whom authorization has been granted can set a new user status to enable further processing.

Janev K. Veettil

Janev K Veettil has more than 15 years of SAP experience in SAP Production Planning and logistics modules. He has worked on various SAP implementation projects for different industries and his key focus is on manufacturing. 


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