Customization Comparisons

Two Options to Speed Up Troubleshooting and Synchronize Multiple Systems

  • by Peter Cole, Manager, Best Practice Solutions Group, Answerthink
  • July 1, 2005
Companies typically strive to keep the customizing of all clients in their system landscape synchronized. However, through manual customizing, non-transported test customizing, or errors during transport, differences between clients occur. In these cases, comparing customizing is a good aid to troubleshooting. You can also use customization comparisons to duplicate a previous solution to a similar problem from one SAP system to another, or to merge two SAP systems. Learn how to track down customization differences with ease.
Key Concept
View/table comparison allows you to compare tables and views of different SAP clients individually. With the Customizing Cross-System Viewer, you can execute mass comparisons based on various criteria, such as a project IMG, components selected from the application components tree, or the object list of a transport request.
Have you ever needed to find out why a process works in one SAP client and not the other? Or needed to reimplement a process previously used in one SAP installation on a different one? Or perhaps you want to compare or merge two different SAP systems. In all these cases, you need to root out the differences between two SAP clients that exist due to customizing.

Let me show you how to compare customizing between two SAP clients in the same and in different SAP systems. I'll describe how to narrow your search to cross-client or client-independent customization and how to check for language-dependent customizing entries.

Peter Cole

Peter Cole currently works in the Best Practice Solutions Group at Answerthink. He has 10 years of experience as a project manager and a senior consultant for SAP R/3 logistic modules in mostly international projects in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and high-tech industries in Germany and the US. Peter’s process focus has been on the supply chain, in particular PP, PP-PI, and QM with a background in Basis and programming. He participated in the development and testing of the preconfigured client for the chemical industry and has worked on several implementations using SAP’s Best Practices and All-in-One solutions.

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