Develop Custom Placement Strategies in WM

  • by Ali Sarraf
  • September 1, 2005
Correct warehouse placement involves the movement of materials that don't always satisfy the specific requirements of existing systems. Learn how to use custom strategies for placement of materials and other placement needs.
Key Concept
A placement strategy defines the logic for determining target storage bins for materials that are moved into a warehouse. Using custom placement strategies, you can program special algorithms in already available user exits to satisfy specific placement requirements.
When helping a client implement the Warehouse Management (WM) module of R/3 in a highly automated warehouse environment, I was faced with a need to create a custom placement strategy (also known as a putaway strategy). A few principles were most helpful to me as I implemented the strategy using the R/3 enhancement concept.

My focus here is on how to use the placement user exit and how to overcome certain challenges associated with it. The explanations of how the user exit is designed can be used by anyone who needs to develop a placement strategy following a specific custom logic. The custom logic itself is not discussed in this article.

Ali Sarraf

Ali Sarraf is the managing partner at Enowa Consulting. He has 15 years of experience as a senior consultant for SAP Business Suite applications and 20 years of IT experience. During much of his career, he has focused on helping customers optimize their logistics business processes by analyzing and explaining cause-and-effect relationships and by bringing the machine and the human sides of IT closer together.

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