Best Practices for Planning Your mySAP CRM Data Archiving Project

  • by Jim Malfetti, Brandywine Data Management Group, LLC
  • December 15, 2005
Archiving dormant data can improve CRM system performance, which is especially critical in today's mobile CRM deployments. It also can substantially reduce database costs and keep you in compliance with document-retention policies and industry and government regulations. Learn the steps you need to take when planning a CRM archiving project.
Key Concept
The same archiving infrastructure available in your R/3 system is also available in mySAP CRM. This infrastructure allows qualifying data to be archived by SAP-defined CRM-specific archiving objects already in your mySAP CRM system. You can identify objects by mapping your CRM tables to their appropriate archiving objects using a simple, standard SAP utility. Each object is designed by SAP to be accessed by a number of transactions and reports specific to that object. The data to be archived is stored in a temporary directory until it is permanently stored in third-party storage using the SAP ArchiveLink interface.
The ever increasing volume of valuable CRM data offers a challenge to delivering consistent system performance over time. By taking advantage of mySAP CRM data archiving, you can achieve benefits more quickly than with traditional R/3 data because CRM archiving objects have fewer complexities. These benefits include improved performance, compliance with policies and regulations, and synchronizing your archiving efforts with R/3 or SAP ECC. Archiving, which is a standard component of R/3 and mySAP CRM Basis, removes qualifying data from online tables and stores the information in archive files (Figure 1).

Jim Malfetti

Is the president of Brandywine Data Management Group, LLC, based in Glen Mills, PA. Jim has six years of SAP data archiving experience and more than 10 years of experience with SAP. Brandywine Data Management consultants specialize in SAP data archiving services and software solutions, providing the most diverse combined experience offered in the industry. Brandywine also maintains exclusive access to the brightest and most experienced consultants for imaging, workflow, and custom ArchiveLink solutions.

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