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Set Up New Product Attribute Views in Just Minutes

  • by Christian Matz
  • February 15, 2009
Take advantage of new functionality in the CRM WebClient UI in SAP CRM 2007 and SAP CRM 7.0 that allows you to quickly generate the views for new product attributes. You can do it in just three basic steps.
Key Concept

A product set type is the standard way to enhance products with new standard or custom attributes. You can assign these set types to products via hierarchies. By default, the system adds a SAPGUI view into the product maintenance.

The CRM WebClient UI allows the automatic generation of views for new product set types. You use these set types to add new attributes to your product master data. The generated view shows all the fields of the set type in a simple layout. The system determines the appearance of the attribute fields automatically (e.g., input field, check box, date field, drop-down list, or value help).

I’ll give you a simple example of how you can set up the automated view generation in just three steps. In my example in Figure 1, I added the new external color option 10 (Black) for my test product. I created this example with SAP CRM 7.0 SP 1. However, this feature is also available with SAP CRM 2007.

Christian Matz

Christian Matz is a SAP Solution Architect and CRM Solution Principal at ECENTA AG. He has over 15 years of SAP experience, completing many successful projects across different industries in the areas Marketing, Sales and Service. Having a background in consulting as well as SAP standard development, he has been providing technical and functional expertise on his projects, many times in a leadership capacity. In doing so, Christian supported many customers worldwide in building reliable SAP CRM solutions, as part of their overall SAP system landscape.

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