How to Enhance the SAP CRM 7.0 Mass Change Tool in SAP CRM-IPM

  • by Abhishek Gundala, Manager, Capgemini
  • August 14, 2013
Learn how to enhance the Mass Change Tool in SAP CRM Intellectual Property Management that is delivered with SAP CRM 7.0 enhancement package 1. Get step-by-step instructions to enhance various areas in the standard Mass Change Tool to support mass updates of custom fields and enable search help, drop-downs, and search capabilities for custom and standard fields in license sales contracts at the header and line-item levels.
Key Concept

The SAP CRM Intellectual Property Management Mass Change Tool allows you to mass maintain various components within a license sales contract or across multiple license sales contracts. After making a few enhancements, you can maintain data such as status, dates, parties involved, rights dimensions, custom fields in the contract header, royalties, advances, rights, and holdback scopes.

In a typical television distribution business scenario, a media company sells the license to air a television series to a channel. In many cases, the series has run for many seasons. The series is represented in SAP CRM Intellectual Property Management (CRM-IPM) as intellectual property (IP) with all the seasons represented as sub-IPs under the series IP. When the license sales contract is created, the series IP along with all the season sub-IPs are added to the contract. You can create royalties, advance, rights, and holdback scopes under both the series IP and season sub-IPs to sell different rights in different areas with specific license fees.

Abhishek Gundala

Abhishek Gundala is a manager at Capgemini and has more than 10 years of experience in SAP CRM and ECC. He has strong expertise in CRM WebClient UI, Object Oriented ABAP, and HANA. His experience includes multiple full life-cycle SAP implementations including upgrades to HANA spanning the Media, Services, and Defense industries. Over the years, he played multiple roles as a developer, team lead, technical architect, and project manager.

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