Send Alerts and Customer Confirmations Using Actions

  • by Karen Lindholm, CRM Consultant, PRAGMATEK
  • March 15, 2006
The standard action profile ORDER_MESSAGES allows you to send output documents to your customers. With Action Wizard, you can build an action profile that automatically creates a follow-up activity when a sales contract expires. Also, find out how to use actions to send alerts to the Business Workplace or SAP NetWeaver Portal inbox.
Key Concept
Actions are planned activities or tasks assigned to business processes, such as sending email, that you create in transaction documents. You can start actions manually or automatically depending on rules known as action profiles. Action profiles are summaries of actions with common attributes, such as the business object or date profile. An action profile consists of one or more action definitions, attributes that you configure to determine actions characteristics, such as processing time and sort order. If necessary, you can also configure conditions that control the planning and start time of the action, which can be time based or field based. Once you configure the action profile and conditions, you assign the action profile to a transaction or item category in the IMG.

Imagine you are a new CRM consultant. Your first experience with actions would typically occur while you are configuring output determination. If you are familiar with SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution (SD), you might be a little curious about why you use actions (planned activities or tasks that react to a situation) in mySAP CRM where you would use the condition technique (a hierarchy of components that define data combinations) in R/3. In fact, actions provide far more functionality than just output determination.

With actions and alerts, you can schedule, start (either automatically or manually), and monitor business processes. For example, you can automatically print documents, send email confirmations, create follow-on documents, and generate subitems. In the first part of this article, I will explain how you can manipulate the settings of the standard action profile ORDER_MESSAGES to send an order confirmation to a customer. Then I will show you how to use the Action Wizard to automatically create a follow-up activity and an automatic alert to a manager when a contract expires.

Karen Lindholm

Karen Lindholm is a senior consultant with PRAGMATEK Consulting Group in Minneapolis. She has been working with SAP products for more than eight years. As an SAP AG SD consultant, she implemented apparel and footwear (AFS) projects in Europe. Karen has also worked as a global support consultant for SAP America in SD and CRM , as well as a CRM consultant for SAP America’s Demo Development Group. Karen holds a bachelor of arts degree from Stanford University. Currently, she is the CRM consultant for a medical device company.

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