Configure a Customized Document Splitting Method with Extended Splitting Rules

  • by Yu (Kathy) Zhao, Deloitte Consulting LLP, USA
  • June 15, 2008
Find out how to create a customized document splitting method with extended document splitting rules to meet business needs.
Key Concept

Document splitting is a new feature in the new General Ledger that enables you to create balanced financial statements for entities such as profit centers and segments. The predefined splitting method covers the majority of business scenarios but some cases still require you to go beyond the standard splitting functions. With document splitting activated, the system splits accounting line items according to splitting rules.

Document splitting in the new General Ledger (new G/L) allows you to create balanced financial statements at different levels, is document splitting. With this new functionality, the SAP system contains predelivered functionality that handles most business scenarios. In some cases though, you need to customize the process. I’ll show you such a scenario and then take you briefly through the basics of document splitting. I’ll also explain a four-step process to customize extended document splitting rules in your system.

First let’s consider an example that requires out-of-the-box splitting functions, such as an incoming miscellaneous payment that you book to two expense accounts with two profit center assignments. You have yet to identify a portion of the payment. Some companies use a balance sheet account to temporarily hold the portion of the cash that is not applied instead of using a cash account.

Yu (Kathy) Zhao

Yu (Kathy) Zhao is a senior consultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP, USA. She has six years of experience in an SAP functional role and works primarily with FI/CO.

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