Create Multiple Assets with Individual Characteristics in One Step

  • by Kees van Westerop, Senior SAP Consultant, Kwest Consulting
  • September 25, 2015
Learn how to customize the functionality required to simultaneously create multiple assets and still be able to maintain specific data for each individual asset.
Learning Objectives

After reading this article, you will know how to:

  • Create multiple assets in one step
  • Select fields that are to be updated during the creation of assets
Key Concept

Within Asset Accounting (FI-AA), you can create one asset at a time or multiple assets simultaneously.

Since the release of R/3 4.0A, SAP supports simultaneous creation of multiple assets. This functionality is part of the create asset master record transaction (transaction code AS01). The disadvantage of this functionality has always been that all the data of the assets must be exactly the same except for some fixed fields. Consequently, if you require a specific field to be maintained that doesn’t belong to the fixed list of updatable fields, the assets have to be post-processed one by one in order to maintain that data. An example of such data is the serial number. Since SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 6.0, it is possible to create multiple assets and at the same time give them asset-specific characteristics.

In the SAP system, you can create fixed assets one by one or create multiple assets at the same time. When you create multiple assets, the data for all created assets is the same; only the asset number is different. This is very useful when you acquire 10 of the exact same assets, such as 10 assets for laptops bought with the same purchase order. Creating assets simultaneously saves a lot of time compared with creating them one by one. To create an asset, execute transaction code AS01. In the initial screen (Figure 1), when you enter a number of similar assets larger than one, then multiple assets are created. In the example shown in Figure 1, 10 assets are created

Kees van Westerop

Kees van Westerop has been working as an SAP consultant for more than 25 years. He has an MBA degree in mathematics and a degree in finance. Kees has been concentrating on the financial modules, especially in general ledger accounting, cost center accounting, and consolidation. He also has a great deal of experience with rollouts of kernel systems and integrating finance and logistics.

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