Maintain Master Data Directly in the Production Client with SEM-BCS

  • by Kiran Bapat, FI, SEM-BCS, EC-CS Consultant
  • August 3, 2010
Step through the details behind an SAP Note that shows you how to maintain master data in production without going through other developers or users.
Key Concept
SAP Strategic Enterprise Management – Business Consolidation System (SEM-BCS) controls the consolidation activities in the SAP system, including currency translation and validation.

In Strategic Enterprise Management – Business Consolidation System (SEM-BCS), the configuration items and master data are part of a single transaction, UCWB. If you have to maintain master data, you normally have to give business users access to transaction UCWB, which also includes configuration. You can also make the changes in master data using transport requests and migrate them from development to quality assurance and production. However, this approach is not suitable because you can’t change the master data when required, such as at month end or year end. You have to depend on someone in the company to change it and move it to production.

In SEM-BCS in SAP ERP 6.0 (as well as prior versions), it is possible to maintain master data directly in production without transport requests. You have to set certain configuration for this, which I’ll show you how to do. This is a standard approach suggested by SAP in SAP Note 804057. The note describes the process but the steps are not given, so I will cover all the steps for implementing the note. For more on what this entails, see the sidebar “Master Data Access.”

Kiran Bapat

Kiran Bapat is an SAP FI/CO, EC-CS, and SEM-BCS expert. She has seven years of industry experience and has worked on SAP FI, EC-CS, and SEM BCS for three years.

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