Adjust B2 Time Evaluation Cluster Information for Accurate Payroll Records

  • by Dawn Burns, QA Manager, Howrey LLP
  • July 15, 2007
Sometimes you run into a situation in which time evaluation data was run for an employee in error and you need to clear the B2 cluster information. You can use the SAP standard program RPUP2D10 to remove it.
Key Concept

When time evaluation runs, the system updates various tables with the results generated from the RPTIME00 program. Examples of the tables stored in the B2 cluster are WPBP (basic pay), SALDO (cumulated time balances), ZL (time wage types), and C1 (Cost dist.), to name a few. Sometimes these values are incorrect and you need to adjust them manually.

Time evaluation normally runs daily for all employees. However, circumstances such as rehired employees and employees who start on a later date than expected can negatively affect your records for employees and result in possible payroll errors. I’ll explain these situations and discuss how you should handle them.

If someone was supposed to start at your company on a specific day and did not, then the time evaluation B2 cluster information might be inaccurate. If a person starts prior to the initial date that was entered into the system (e.g., he was supposed to start on 05/05/2006 and really started on 05/01/2006), then time evaluation reruns the data back to 05/01/2006 and the system adjusts itself. The problem comes from someone who was supposed to start on 05/01/2006 but actually starts on 05/05/2006.

If you have already run payroll for such an employee, you cannot always remove the time data just by going to transaction PA30 and deleting the infotype records. What you can do is run program RPUP2D10 to remove the time data and then rerun the employee record through time evaluation. The system then has correct values and payroll self-adjusts when the next payroll runs.

Dawn Burns

Dawn Burns is an SAP-certified human resources senior consultant and Quality Assurance Manager and HR Consultant with Howrey LLP. She is a former SAP Human Resources instructor for SAP America and has more than 12 years of experience in human resources and information technology.

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