Avoid Pitfalls When Deleting Requests from a BW 3.0B ODS

  • by Andy Slater, Freelance BW Consultant
  • February 15, 2003
SAP has made it much easier to delete individual requests from the ODS in Release 3.0B. The process, however, is not always straightforward and requires some forethought. The author provides advice for avoiding trouble based on his own experience.


SAP has restructured the ODS for BW 3.0B. It now provides much more functionality for deleting individual data load requests from the ODS, while maintaining consistency with the subsequent data targets. However, the process is not straightforward or fully automated. You must take care to understand and properly follow the sequence of actions to correctly perform this task.

I recently had to learn about deleting requests from the ODS using this new functionality. Now, I'd like to share what I learned and make you aware of complications that might arise when the data has been activated, and when the data has subsequently been updated into further data targets.

Andy Slater

Andy Slater is an independent certified BW consultant with more than 16 years of experience in the IT industry. He graduated from Exeter University with a BSc Hons in Mathematical Statistics and Operational Research. He has worked in the US, Norway, Saudi Arabia, and the UK, and has worked with Logica, Andersen Consulting, Ernst and Young, and Origin. Andy has also contracted directly to end customers. For the past five years, he has worked as a freelance consultant specializing in SAP BW. The first BW project he undertook was also the first BW implementation in the UK (on 1.2A!). Projects have included participating in two BW FCS programs, as well as a joint SDP (Special Development Project) with SAP developing new business content for BW 3.1 (SRM-GLS). Andy is based in London.

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