Develop Dynamic Dashboards with BEx

  • by Rajeev Kapur, BI Executive, BSI
  • Alexander Thomas, Application Developer
  • February 1, 2009
SAP BW has all the tools necessary to deploy a dynamic dashboard that shows custom content for each user. Discover some of the concepts inherent to making a dashboard successful and how you can use BEx Query Designer to deliver them.
Key Concept

You can personalize single variables or all variables in a Web application so that you do not need to manually update your variable settings. For example, this is helpful in situations in which you want a value automatically assigned to a variable based on the user ID. You assign the variables to a value permanently or temporarily until you remove the personalization.

Dashboards are great data visualization tools for an executive leadership team (ELT). However, each ELT user is going to see the same data with a different perspective. Personalization is a great way to store each user’s information in the system and show data values specific to that user when he enters the dashboard.

Using variables allows you to wait until the Web application that has the variable is displayed in the Web browser before you add values to a query. Personalization allows you to pre-fill the value of a variable.

Many applications can help you create personalized dashboards. However, we can show you how to develop these personalized dashboards right in BEx Query Designer. See how to create a custom dashboard that depicts KPIs to enable quick decision making with a top-down view using multiple levels and detailed link to transaction data. Although this article is based on SAP BW 3.5, the concepts also apply to SAP NetWeaver BI Service Pack 15.

Rajeev Kapur

Rajeev Kapur is an SAP NetWeaver BI executive from BSI (an independent software vendor with BI expertise) with more than eight years of experience on SAP NetWeaver BI and 13 years overall with SAP. Rajeev’s core competences include experience as a BI manager and architect to implement SAP NetWeaver BI as an Enterprise Data Warehouse, performance tuning of BI systems, and as an SAP NetWeaver solutions architect at various client sites. He has taught BI and presented at BI conferences. He also holds an MBA in management information systems.

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Alexander Thomas

Alexander Thomas is an applications developer. He has been working with SAP NetWeaver BI for the past two years, with prior Web application design and Web design experience of more than eight years. Alex was a part of CA’s global information services team for more than four years and holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from SUNY Stony Brook.

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