Don’t Overlook CRM Embedded Search

  • by Nico J.W. Kuijper, Archiving/ILM Solution Specialist, ST-Addons
  • March 9, 2012
Essential information about customers, products, and services cannot always be accessed quickly and isn’t always searchable. See how SAP Embedded Search helps you query and find business information more efficiently in your SAP CRM system.
Key Concept
Embedded Search (also called simple search) is a standard SAP CRM functionality available as of SAP CRM version 7.0 that enables you to make business objects such as accounts, contacts, and activities searchable based on your own defined search fields. SAP NetWeaver Search and Classification (SAP TREX) is used as the back-end search technology. It is based on in-memory search technology that enables fast access to SAP information. The front-end functionality is delivered by SAP as a Web service that can be accessed via the standard CRM WebUI. You can personalize the search functionality by defining your own frequently used search query templates and lists. SAP delivers more than 40 ready-to-use search templates for the most commonly used CRM business objects. However, you can define your own search templates when needed.

Many business users working with line-of-business systems spend a significant amount of their time searching for the information they need for their daily work. SAP CRM users are no exception for a couple of reasons.

One is the explosive growth of information, which impedes users’ searches for the information they need. Another aspect leading to less efficiency in finding, relating, and using business information is that people search for information in various ways, depending on their specific roles in an organization. For example, a sales manager would search and access SAP information in a way that is completely different from a method a finance manager would use.

However, it can be easy to find the structured information residing in SAP CRM. All you need is sufficient knowledge about the SAP transactions and reports needed to unlock this information. With the help of tools such as Embedded Search, even occasional SAP users can find and access SAP information more easily.

Nico J.W. Kuijper

Nico J.W. Kuijper is an archiving/ILM solution specialist for ST- Addons, a company specializing in SAP-certified solutions for ILM, automated SAP system management, and IT cost controlling. Based in the Netherlands, ST-Addons specializes in the process of aligning IT and business needs in relation to SAP decommissioning, data archiving, and data integration. Nico has worked in the ICT industry since 1989 and with SAP technology since 1995. He has conducted more then 25 SAP data archiving projects for large companies and multinationals in Europe. His archiving experiences cover archiving in R/3, SAP ERP, APO, CRM, IS-Utilities (IS-U), and SAP NetWeaver BI/SAP BW. He also developed overall archiving concepts for SAP environments with more then 10 terabytes of data.

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