Explore the Differences Between Two Available HANA Versions

  • by George Campbell-Kelly, Senior BI Consultant, Bluefin Solutions
  • December 9, 2011
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Take an introductory tour through the SAP HANA environment from a consultant’s perspective. Find out the details behind SAP HANA 1.0 and SAP HANA 1.0 Support Package 03, how the new technology differs from existing SAP offerings, and potential scenarios for implementing SAP HANA.
Key Concept

SAP HANA 1.0 Support Package 03 allows an SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 system to be run entirely on a HANA database. This set-up potentially offers substantial performance improvements for both data reporting and loading.

SAP HANA — SAP’s in-memory computing platform — is a new technology that has people talking. Technology changes mean that new software and techniques must be developed, and SAP HANA is the culmination of at least 10 years of technological change. Computers have changed over time in line with Moore’s law about trends in computing. In 2002, CPU speed stopped increasing (3 GHz) and progress continued elsewhere. Main memory and the number of CPUs increased. These trends are continuing and have pushed software developments in alternative directions to make use of these improvements.

SAP HANA brings the potential to improve corporate systems on a massive scale — and on a level similar to the move from mainframe to client-server, or magnetic tape to disk storage. For example, in the long term, SAP HANA could:

  • Allow real-time reporting on transactions posted within current SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) technology
  • Support processing of transactions (although this introduces many complexities and technical challenges, such as table-locking and resilience). A single SAP HANA system could deliver both business transactions (currently provided by SAP ECC) and analytics (currently delivered by SAP NetWeaver BW).


SAP HANA centers on in-memory computing technology. The term HANA refers to both a technology and product. As this can be confusing, within this article I refer to SAP HANA technology or SAP HANA products. To make things more complex, SAP has now released a second version of the product (SAP HANA 1.0 Support Package 03), which contains functionality that is very different compared to the first version (SAP HANA 1.0).

George Campbell-Kelly

George Campbell-Kelly is a certified senior BI consultant at Bluefin, the United Kingdom’s largest dedicated SAP consultancy. Since first working with SAP BW in 2000, he has led the delivery of BW systems that operate with SAP R/3, SAP CRM, and Oracle JDE.

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