Extend Your Web Intelligence Filtering with an IP Address-Based Smart Filter

  • by Murat Yavuz, Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Developer, MUDO Information Technologies – Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
  • October 10, 2014
Learn step-by-step guidelines for creating and implementing an IP address-based smart Web Intelligence filter solution to extend SAP Web Intelligence’s filtering capabilities. In addition to IP addresses, this smart filter tool works well with computer names, local network names, or Windows logon users. Using any of these options, you can implement a smart Web Intelligence filter based on your needs. The steps required to implement this solution are illustrated using an example scenario.
Learning Objectives
By reading this article, you will learn:
  • About parameterized OpenDocument URLs and how to use them
  • About the required parameters to create parameterized URLs
  • How to use and implement BusinessObjects .net software development kit (SDK)
  • How to combine .net SDK capabilities with Web Intelligence filters
Key Concept

OpenDocument is a feature provided by the BusinessObjects system that takes a special parameterized URL and processes it to deliver BusinessObjects documents in an appropriate view to users. This parameterized URL can be sent to users via email so they don’t have to navigate through folders to find documents inside BI launch pad.

Web Intelligence (also known as WEBI or WebI) is a key reporting solution within the BusinessObjects family that allows you to create a prompt or constant filter on your reporting data. With this feature, users can enter different data and also can personalize their reports. However, sometimes organizations need an even more flexible solution. To overcome this challenge, I came up with a solution I call an IP address-based smart Web Intelligence filter. To illustrate how to implement this solution, I provide an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial, with retail stores as my example scenario.

The IP address-based smart Web Intelligence filter is used to deliver reports to stores via a URL without asking for any prompted filter or authorization information. This filter is able to recognize the IP address of each store and then deliver filtered datasets to that location based on the IP address provided. In this scenario, it is crucial that reports be delivered to all the stores in the chain to show each store how it’s performing and to learn what it needs to do to improve sales performance. This can be really challenging when there are more than 100 stores in the chain.

Murat Yavuz

Murat Yavuz is a Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Developer at MUDO, Turkey’s leading fashion and furniture retailer, and is responsible of delivering SAP BI projects. He has broad experience in SAP BW, BusinessObjects, HANA, ABAP, and mobile app development. Currently, Murat's focus is on SAP BW 7.4 on HANA.

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