First Look: SAP CRM Sales On-Demand

  • May 15, 2006
SAP CRM on-demand is a new SAP-hosted, Web-based sales force automation system. How does it compare with mySAP CRM?
Key Concept
SAP CRM on-demand is a hosted solution. It differs from the on-premise mySAP CRM in that you do not need to install software or hardware to run the system. You access SAP CRM on-demand through a Web browser with a user ID and password. Both systems run on the SAP NetWeaver infrastructure that includes the same data model.

Introduced in February 2006 and designed for midsize to large organizations, SAP CRM on-demand offers a Web-based sales force automation (SFA) system to manage customers, contacts, sales pipeline, and daily activities. SAP CRM Sales on-demand provides lean core features to enhance sales productivity that are inherent in mySAP CRM Sales 5.0. Unlike the on-premise mySAP CRM, SAP CRM on-demand exists in a hosted environment.

SAP CRM Sales on-demand includes the following functionality:

  • Account and contact management
  • Activity management
  • Opportunity management
  • Sales reporting
  • Administration and configuration
  • Predefined roles for sales managers and sales representatives

When compared to an on-premise system, SAP CRM on-demand has fewer hardware, software, and maintenance requirements. You access the functionality via the Web, so you do not need additional hardware. SAP automatically upgrades SAP CRM on-demand centrally, which means that your IT staff does not need to maintain it.

SAP CRM on-demand also offers lower implementation costs, with no additional consulting fees connected with activating and operating the system. However, as with any solution, companies are at their discretion to employ consultants to assist with best practices and strategies for a successful CRM implementation.

As your business grows and you require a greater depth of functionality and integration, you can migrate from the hosted SAP CRM on-demand to the on-premise mySAP CRM seamlessly with minimal downtime. SAP CRM on-demand is based on the same architecture and data model as mySAP CRM, which reduces (and in some cases eliminates) many time-consuming aspects of a migration. These include data mapping and conversion, migration of configurations and business processes, and retraining and change management for users.

Currently SAP CRM Sales on-demand is the only on-demand component available. Additional SAP CRM on-demand offerings intended for 2006 include SAP CRM Marketing on-demand and SAP CRM Service on-demand. Users of SAP CRM on-demand will receive the additional offerings as part of the automatic upgrades. This article focuses on the SAP CRM Sales on-demand features and functionalities.


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