Improve Sales Force Productivity with Visit Planning

  • by Sandra Pfeiffer-Sonntag, SAP AG
  • March 15, 2006
The visit planning functionality in mySAP CRM 2005 can help sales representatives improve their efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent on administrative work. Discover how you can add a third-party tool to optimize the reps’ daily agendas.
Key Concept
A visit plan contains a list of the customers you contact regularly. Sales teams use visit plans for long-term planning and for creating activity scheduling lists. An activity scheduling list is the list of customers to contact on a particular day in a particular sequence. The activity scheduling list determines who contacts the customer as well as the sequence and date of the visits.

Do you find that your salespeople spend valuable time coordinating schedules, setting up customer visits, and performing other administrative tasks? Wouldn’t you prefer that they spend their time on the actual selling process, since that’s where their key competencies lie? New mySAP CRM visit planning functionality can help maximize your sales force’s time by streamlining administrative tasks and allocating their time more efficiently.

I will describe the visit planning functionality and explain the two main processes involved in setting up a visit plan: visit planning maintenance and activity scheduling. You can use them separately or together. Then I will show you how you can use route optimization, a third-party enhancement to visit planning, to plan work trips.

Sandra Pfeiffer-Sonntag

Sandra Pfeiffer-Sonntag is a customer project manager of mySAP CRM at SAP. Since joining SAP in 1998, she has held various positions in product management. After working for four years as a customer project manager at SAP Labs in the US, she is currently working at the SAP AG global headquarters in Germany. Sandra holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Mannheim, Germany, and an MBA from the University of Toledo, Ohio, US.

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