Personalize Your BW Web Reports with a Report Selection Screen

  • by Jay Dixit, Senior IT Analyst, Halliburton
  • Sathish Janardhanan, Senior IT Analyst, Halliburton
  • November 1, 2005
You can enhance the bookmark functionality of your BW Web reports to obtain your preferred report layout without the need for additional drill-down or filtering. By adding JavaScript code to the bookmark properties, you can create a pop-up selection screen where you can choose the variables to display in your bookmarked BW Web report. Sample code is included.
Key Concept

Command URLs allow you to perform specific tasks. The system executes command URLs coded in the HTML template or within an object tag via different methods, including the JavaScript method described in this article. The BOOKMARK_DATA command executes on the Web Application Server (Web AS) to bookmark-enable a Web application. When the system calls this command URL, it generates a bookmark with <SAP_BW_URL CMD=‘BOOKMARK’>.

Have you ever reviewed a Web report only to find that the published report does not meet your reporting needs and requires adjustment every time to your preferred navigation? By adding an enhanced bookmark to your report, you can include a selection screen that permits you to manipulate the variables in the report so that you can see exactly the data and report format you want.

We will explain how to add an enhanced bookmark with a selection screen to a Web report. We will then show you how you can manipulate variables with the enhanced bookmark selection screen. The process involves appending the bookmark URL with a code string for the variable selection screen, saving the bookmark URL, and adding JavaScript code in the Web templates (the BW server stores most of the JavaScript code).

Jay Dixit

Jay Dixit is a senior IT analyst with Halliburton. He has more than 10 years of configuration and development experience with SAP and the BW environment. For the past five years, Jay has been working on the implementation of BW as the team lead and architect. He was actively involved in four full life cycle BW deployments in technology, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. His special interests include data modeling, performance tuning, Web reporting, and development of BI Analytics.

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Sathish Janardhanan

Sathish Janardhanan is a senior IT analyst with Halliburton. He has more than eight years of design, development, and implementation experience with Microsoft's and Sun's Web application architectures and various SAP BI applications. He has extensive experience in interfacing BW with third-party BI reporting tools and Web applications. He has also worked at length on custom development and integration of BW Web reporting and SAP Enterprise Portal at Halliburton.

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