Secure Business Partner Data in SAP CRM 2007

  • by Katrina Burke, Senior CRM Consultant, SAP Australia
  • August 15, 2008
Securing business partner data in SAP CRM 2007 has changed with the introduction of business roles and configuration keys. Find out the four ways you can secure business partner data.
Key Concept

You can use a configuration key to vary the appearance of a screen depending on the user. You assign the configuration key to a business role, and then you can use it when defining new screen configurations. Any user assigned to a given business role then sees a screen view that matches the configuration key in the business role to the configuration key in the screen setup.

As a vital part of your SAP CRM 2007 implementation, the locking down of functionality and data requires a dedicated team to design and implement security profiles for your user base. With a complex business partner design, the security can also be rather detailed. You may need to prevent some users from viewing sensitive customer data.

This is especially the case if you have added your own new data structures to the business partner where a standard security object has not been provided. For example, your business may need to record a customer’s insurance claims or driving history, which is important for some departments, but should not be made available to the wider user base.

In this article, I will take you through the various methods that you can use to secure the data, specifically the business partner data. Security of business partner data can be achieved at four levels:

  • Authorization groups

  • Business partner roles

  • Business partner views

  • Fields within views

Katrina Burke

Is a senior CRM consultant at SAP Australia. Working as an SAP consultant for 13 years, initially Katrina was entrenched in ABAP and SAPScript. In later projects in both Asia and Europe, Katrina worked as a development manager and HR Payroll consultant. Most recently Katrina has been working at SAP as a CRM consultant specializing in business partner, marketing, and opportunity management. In her current CRM consulting role, she has been working with SAP CRM 2006s.

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