Simplify Complex Data Flow Design in SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30

  • by Rakesh Kalyankar, SAP NetWeaver BW- and HANA-certified consultant, SAP
  • September 13, 2012
Learn how to visualize, build, design, and develop complex data flows with SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30’s graphical, template-based data flow modeling tool. Using the tool, architects can work with data flows more easily than before.
Key Concept

SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 includes a template-based data flow modeling tool that allows you to model the architecture of complex data flows visually. The tool lets you view modeled data flows as templates or views. It also enables you to develop a high-level view of the data flow. Once the data flow is designed, you define the metadata of the objects and activate all involved objects in parallel. This tool provides a clean and user-friendly UI to design complex data flows.

Data flows in SAP NetWeaver BW can be complex, and if you have to design one, developing and tracking all objects and source-target combinations can be daunting. Many projects use Microsoft Excel to keep track of objects, but this method doesn’t give you a sense of how the data flow is designed in the system.

To help architects design data flows more efficiently, SAP provides a graphical, template-based data flow modeling tool in SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 that allows you to design data flow shells and then activate all objects at once in batch. You can design part of a data flow, save it, and continue working on it the next day. You also get a big picture of how your data flow looks using this tool.

Design a Data Flow with the Modeling Tool

The data flow modeling tool is embedded in the administrator workbench under the Modeling tab. To access this tool, click the Data Flows tab under Modeling. To start the modeling tool, right-click the InfoArea and click Create Data Flow (Figure 1). Alternatively, you can use transaction RSDF.

Rakesh Kalyankar

Rakesh Kalyankar is an SAP NetWeaver BW- and HANA-certified lead and architect, working with SAP Global Delivery in Bangalore, India. He speaks regularly at events, such as SAP TechEd and BIIG. He is also an SAP trainer and writes frequently about SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA topics. Prior to his starting his consulting work, he was part of the SAP NetWeaver BW research and development team at SAP Labs, and he has worked on the development life cycles of SAP NetWeaver BW releases, including versions 7.30 and 7.03.

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