Wrap-Up List Functionality Ensures Smooth Call Interactions

  • by Conny Dahlgren, Senior Consultant, SAP Australia
  • December 15, 2007
SAP CRM 2006s introduces the wrap-up list functionality for Interaction Center, which alerts interaction center agents about tasks they need to complete before ending an interaction. Find out how this functionality works and the process to set it up.
Key Concept

Intent-driven interaction helps you ensure that the interactions in your interaction center follow company standards. Using the rule modeler, you can create rules based on business roles that execute events such as the wrap-up list, alerts, screen navigation, and scripts. For example, you could create an alert that reminds the agent to confirm a customer’s addresses before closing out the interaction.

The wrap-up list functionality in SAP CRM 2006s allows interaction center agents to confirm that they have met all the objectives for a given call by providing a list of items that the agent should discuss with the customer. The agent can call the wrap-up list any time during the interaction. For example, imagine that the interaction center manager has set the following rules for the interaction center agents:
  • Agents should up-sell a certain product, depending on what product the customer wants to service

  • Agents should verify the customer address with the customer

  • Both the up-sell and the customer address should be shown in the wrap-up list before the agent closes the call

You can create a wrap-up list to check that the agent has carried out these activities before ending the call. The logic to display the wrap-up list is based on the intent-driven interaction functionality. This allows you to use an Interaction Center (IC) WebClient button as an event in a rule framework to evaluate if the system should execute the wrap-up list.

Conny Dahlgren

Conny Dahlgren is a senior consultant with SAP Australia in Melbourne. He has worked with mySAP CRM since 2000, and with SAP products, including SD and MM, for more than nine years. Within mySAP CRM, Conny has experience in most areas in different roles. Currently he is a CRM solution architect for a large CRM project focusing on service and marketing.

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