Improve Customer Communication with Case Management

  • by George Fratian, CRM Project Manager
  • January 15, 2006
Company X wanted to improve how it communicated with customers. After evaluating several options, it decided to implement enhanced mySAP CRM Case Management, which gave the company a central repository for all customer correspondence and allowed it to automate several customer-related processes.

Company X, a high-tech manufacturer of aerospace components, had a process that used email to document customer communication. If a customer had a suggestion, the employee receiving the suggestion would then email the appropriate party, who in turn would email others who could assist with the suggestion. This system led to confusion and duplicated efforts among the various departments because of the ambiguity about who was responsible for the customer’s issue. This was not an ideal system because it could lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost sales.

After evaluating several options, Company X decided to implement mySAP CRM Case Management, which could be made available to all necessary users and could integrate with the back-end SAP ERP system. This system would clearly designate who is responsible for a given customer and would allow all the people involved with the issue to view customer information in a centrally located repository.

George Fratian

George Fratian is a CRM project manager with more than 11 years of experience in the SAP arena (CRM and R/3). The past five years were dedicated to various projects implementing mySAP CRM systems in different industries such as Oil & Gas, Health Care, and High Tech. He has designed and implemented complex mySAP CRM-based solutions for Fortune 20 companies in the areas of Internet Sales and Online Sales, Sales Force Automation, Case Management, and Interaction Center WebClient.

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