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by Sruthi Jain, CRM Consultant, SAP October 21, 2013
BI/Financials/HR/SAP Professional Journal/SCM – 
Sruthi Jain explains how to customize customer surveys for different scenarios in the shared-services framework add-on for SAP CRM 7.0.


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by Sruthi Jain, CRM Consultant, SAP April 12, 2013
BI/Financials/HR/SAP Professional Journal/SCM – 

Learn how to configure knowledge articles in SAP CRM 7.0 from CRM expert Sruthi Jain. This is a great resource to use for agents who often receive the same queries from multiple customers. Using knowledge articles, you can create and maintain a reusable document bank of standard answers or instructions. In addition, learn how SAP CRM can help to drastically reduce processing time.