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BI/Financials/HR/SAP Professional Journal/SCM – 

Vishal Mani shows you how to use social media platforms (like Facebook) more effectively. Learn how to broaden your customer network, and your marketing and customer service activities.

This presentation is from CRM 2013. For more information about this and our other conference and seminar offerings, visit our Conference and Seminar Website.

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by Bhanupratap Singh, Consultant, Infosys Technologies, Ltd. | Vishal Mani, SAP CRM Practice Lead, Knack Systems March 17, 2011
BI/Financials/HR/SAP Professional Journal/SCM – 

The Email Response Management System (ERMS) can manage bulk emails coming into the system from external stakeholders. It has many uses, including rule-based email routing and assignment, email filtering, content analysis and fact gathering, inbound email linkage to service transactions (e.g., service requests), and escalation management.