How to Use Selection Variables in SAP Financial Closing Cockpit

  • by Rajan D Karki, Senior FI/CO Consultant, Quality Systems & Software
  • September 27, 2010
Explore the use of selection variables provided by SAP Financial Closing cockpit. If used correctly in the closing process, selection variables reduce the steps of maintaining the variants in various programs and thus help speed up the closing task. For example, if a business has 100 company codes and wants to schedule the depreciation run for all company codes, it has to either create 100 different variants or create one variant and change the value in the variant for an individual run. Using SAP Financial Closing cockpit, you can create one variant and selection variables then automatically update key parameters in any program based on the closing hierarchy and the key date of the task list in the closing template.
Key Concept
Organizational hierarchy organizes the closing process into an organizational structure. Standard SAP organizational hierarchies are controlling area, company code, and controlling area/company code. Organizational hierarchy can have more than one organizational level. Based on the organizational level assigned to a closing hierarchy, the system derives corresponding values for the parameters and selection options. These values are generated automatically in table TVARV.

SAP Financial Closing cockpit provides the ability to monitor and control the closing processes across the corporate structure. Apart from managing and monitoring the closing steps, SAP Financial Closing cockpit allows you to schedule jobs more easily and efficiently. By using it, you can reduce work effort and risks related to updating variants for month-end jobs and programs by automating these programs. For more about the business reasons behind using SAP Financial Closing cockpit, see Gary Fullmer’s article SAP Closing Cockpit in mySAP ERP Automates Fast Close.”

When you create a closing template, the system generates various variables with parameters. You can use these variables in a variant to default parameter values (on a report or program) that are assigned in SAP Financial Closing cockpit. SAP Financial Closing cockpit includes the predefined selection variables shown in Table 1.

Table 1
Predefined selection values

Apart from the selection variables defined above, the system generates additional new variables when you create a new organizational hierarchy. For example, if you create a hierarchy called Profit Center, the system creates two new variables: SAP_FAST_CLOSE_PRCTR_P and SAP_FAST_CLOSE_PRCTR_S.

Rajan D Karki

Rajan D. Karki is a senior FI/CO consultant working with Quality Systems & Software ( Rajan has been working for the last seven years in the field of SAP Financials specializing in various FI and CO submodules.

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4/25/2015 11:22:50 PM

Hi Rajan,

This was very useful. We are trying to implement this in our organization. A question though - if 2 company codes are performing month close in parallel how is this handled as the variable name is only one? Is there a way to transfer the org unit details from the task list to the selection criteria directly?


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