Refresh the Look of the Master Data in Cost Center Accounting with a New Business Function

  • by Janet Salmon, Product Manager, SAP AG
  • February 13, 2013
Learn how to activate an alternative set of Web applications to maintain the master data in SAP Managerial Accounting (CO). Configure them to meet your organization’s needs, showing only the fields you actually use and positioning the various screen parts so that users can focus on what’s important.
Key Concept

The technology behind the new master data applications is the Floor Plan Manager. There are two levels of configuration for the user interfaces built using the Floor Plan Manager. The first allows administrators to adapt the screens to remove fields that their organizations don’t use. The second allows end users to personalize their screens still further. The idea is that the business layer remains stable. Therefore, none of the other applications that use master data are affected because they read from the SAP tables as normal, whereas the user interface layer can move with the times. In the past, SAP advised against modifying user interfaces because the data entry screens were linked with the flow logic that handled the data transfer behind the scenes. Such a change was considered a modification, with all the associated fears. More recently, SAP has separated the user interface layer from the business layer for some transactions, meaning that the database and business layers (tables CSKS and CSKT, in the case of the cost center master records) remain stable, but the user interface layer can be adapted.

Although experienced SAP controllers are generally comfortable with the master data transactions in Cost Center Accounting, new controllers are likely to view these transactions with some trepidation because of their outdated user interfaces. I explain how to activate an alternative set of Web applications to replace the following transaction codes:

  • Cost center maintenance (KS01-KS03)
  • Internal order maintenance (KO01-04)
  • Activity type maintenance (KL01-3)
  • Associated cost center hierarchies (OKEON and KSH1-3)
  • Internal order groups (KOH1-3)
  • Activity type groups (KLH1-3)

The new master data applications are available from SAP Enhancement Package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0. As with all new functions in the enhancement packages, start testing by activating the business function FIN_CO_CCMGMT (CO, Cost Center Management) in the Switch Framework. To activate the business function, choose transaction SFW5, select the folder Enterprise Business Functions, and then scroll down to FIN_CO_CCMGMT (Figure 1).

Figure 1
Settings for business function CO, Cost Center Management in the Switch Framework


Janet Salmon

Janet Salmon joined SAP in 1992. After six months of training on R/2, she began work as a translator, becoming a technical writer for the Product Costing area in 1993. As English speakers with a grasp of German costing methodologies were rare in the early 1990s, she began to hold classes and became a product manager for the Product Costing area in 1996, helping numerous international organizations set up Product Costing. More recently, she has worked on CO content for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, Financial Analytics, and role-based portals. She is currently chief product owner for management accounting. She lives in Speyer, Germany, with her husband and two children.

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