Restore the Balance Between Your FI and EC-CS Data

  • by Kiran Bapat, FI, SEM-BCS, EC-CS Consultant
  • October 15, 2006
Wrong or missing data could create a mismatch between the trial balance reports in your FI and Controlling and Consolidation (EC-CS) modules. Here’s how to identify and correct mismatches.
Key Concept

The Enterprise Controlling and Consolidation (EC-CS) module, used for consolidation of companies in R/3 and mySAP ERP Central Component, is a data repository based on dimensions. Dimension in EC-CS mainly focuses on the consolidation type — company, business area, or profit center. You can derive consolidation reports based on any one of the three, or you can use all of the types. The decision is determined by the nature of the company. For example, if a company is established in more than one country and it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, a legal requirement is that it has to give a company consolidation report to its shareholders.

Wrong configuration or erroneous data posted to Consolidation (EC-CS) can cause a mismatch between the FI and EC-CS trial balances. I’ll show you how to correct the mismatch. In some cases, you delete incorrect data, and in others, you repost the FI document to restore it to EC-CS.

The reason they can become out of balance is that FI and EC-CS store data in different ledgers and in different tables. The system transfers the data table GLTO in FI to EC-CS, which has its own ledger that you define at the time of configuration. Intercompany (IC) is the standard ledger, but you can create multiple ledgers to suit your report requirements. The EC-CS ledger uses tables ECMCA (header table) and ECMCT (detail table, also called the totals table).

Kiran Bapat

Kiran Bapat is an SAP FI/CO, EC-CS, and SEM-BCS expert. She has seven years of industry experience and has worked on SAP FI, EC-CS, and SEM BCS for three years.

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