Transfer Small Amounts of Legacy Data into Asset Accounting with Ease

  • by Roy Brookes, Senior FI/CO Consultant
  • June 15, 2005
The SAP R/3 Asset Accounting component has a little-known tool, known as Transfer Legacy Data to Asset Accounting using Microsoft Excel, for loading legacy asset data into an SAP system. Data transfers in small volumes can be a snap if you follow these steps and know where the formatting pitfalls are.
Key Concept
To implement Asset Accounting (FI-AA), you create the asset master records (loading any relevant data from a legacy system) add the cost and accumulated depreciation values onto them, and make entries in the G/L reflecting the asset values. Conversion of the asset accounts in the G/L to reconciliation accounts follows. Once that is complete, you book all new movements in FI-AA in the submodule, and they are reflected automatically in the G/L.

Let's say you are implementing SAP submodule Asset Accounting (FI-AA) and you need to convert the asset master data from a legacy system. If you have large volumes of data, you would use a BAPI, which is SAP's preferred solution, a Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT), or a Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW). Since most people tend to use these methods as a matter of course, a fourth method is virtually unknown.

If you have a small set of assets, the tool Transfer Legacy Data to Asset Accounting using Microsoft Excel can be preferable, because it is fairly easy to use and reliable. Once your data is in the right format and you have run a test and eliminated any errors, the actual upload is quick and painless. It has a physical limitation of 5,000 lines in the Excel file, and, since each asset typically uses five lines, it is therefore most suitable for datasets up to 1,000 lines. It is quick and slick, and it tells you where it encounters problems, so you can correct your input and run it again. You have to put some effort into the file format but you do not have to write a CATT script or do any other development.

Roy Brookes

Roy Brookes is a senior consultant in SAP FI/CO and a qualified accountant and business consultant. He has worked for many years in accounting, finance, and business consulting. He is an SAP expert and has designed and implemented FI and CO solutions at the European and country level during the European rollouts of SAP R/3 in a number of multinational companies. He has also worked in the US and Turkey.

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