How to Simplify the Open and Closing Accounting Periods Screen

  • by John Jordan, ERP Corp
  • November 1, 2010
Posting to accounting periods can be restricted by company code, account type, general ledger account, and user. The open and close accounting periods screen can be simplified if you are not using authorization groups to restrict previous period postings to specific users and do not need to open special periods.

You close financial accounting to postings in previous periods so that management and legal reports do not change following period-end data analysis, correction, and management signoff. You can adjust posting dates allowed per company code for account types such as asset, customer and vendor, general ledger account ranges, and authorized users.

You open and close financial accounting periods with transaction OB52 or by following menu path Accounting > Financial Accounting > General Ledger > Environment > Current Settings > Open and Close Posting Periods (Figure 1).

Figure 1
Open and close accounting periods

The first column, Var., (posting period variant), corresponds to a company code or group of company codes. You must enter at least one company code or group of company codes as a prerequisite for any financial postings. This row must have a + sign (meaning all account types) in column A.

John Jordan

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