Access Loan Data with Ease

  • by Rehan Zaidi, Senior SAP Technical Consultant
  • May 15, 2005
Reading the balance for loans kept in infotype 0045 may be confusing for developers and consultants. This is because loan balances are not stored in the same manner as other fields of infotype 0045. Learn about the loan data storage architecture and the code used to access loan balances to clear up the confusion and avoid mistakes.
Key Concept
Employee loan records reside in infotype 0045. This infotype helps you centrally maintain all information pertaining to a loan, including external repayments. Users may view the loan repayment plans over a certain period in a number of installment amounts. Infotype 0045 is valid for many country codes as well as international country grouping 99. It also provides country-specific features for Great Britain, Belgium, South Africa, Korea, Venezuela, and others.

Entitlement for interest-bearing or interest-free loans is a benefit that many companies provide to their employees — for example, for a house, car, or education. Upon approval of the loan request, an amount is paid to the employee, which is then deducted from the employee’s salary via nominal monthly installments over a certain period of time. Alternately, during any month, the employee may settle (partly or completely) the amount due via external repayments.

SAP HR provides infotype 0045 to store all company loan data pertaining to an employee to help users create entries quickly and easily. Since R/3 Release 4.6, the user enters data only in infotype 0045 and the system handles the relevant data storage for another loan in infotype 0078. Consequently, entries stored in infotype 0078 remain transparent to the user.

Rehan Zaidi

Rehan Zaidi is a consultant for several international SAP clients (both on-site and remotely) on a wide range of SAP technical and functional requirements, and also provides writing and documentation services for their SAP- and ABAP-related products. He started working with SAP in 1999 and writing about his experiences in 2001. Rehan has written several articles for both SAP Professional Journal and HR Expert, and also has a number of popular SAP- and ABAP-related books to his credit.

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